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* ZABA is the abbreviated name of "Zagrebacka banka;"

* ZABARA is a symbol under which "Zagrebacka banka" shares are traded on the Zagreb Stock Exchange;

* ZABARABA ('baraba' means 'knave,' 'hoodlum,' 'crook') is a new word that refers to the people who have stolen ZABA shares from their true owners, the Croatian state and the Croatian people, and who are currently holding them.


This webpage documents how global banking giants Unicredito Italiano S.p.A. (Milan, Italy) and Allianz A.G. (Munich, Germany) have combined to defraud genuine shareholders of Croatia's largest bank, Zagrebacka banka A.D. (ZABA for short), through an illegal takeover, bringing, as a result, false value to their own shares worldwide and, thereby, endangering their own shareholders.

It also documents how Big 6 accounting firms, KPMG and Price Waterhouse Coopers, helped make it happen, and how reputable investment banks, Credit Suisse - First Boston and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DKW), prepared the way by, to say the least, sloppy and irresponsible due diligence. 

Finally, the webpage shows the history of a damaged ZABA shareholder's legal battle against this criminal act, the extensive media coverage accompanying it, and the latest updates in the growing battle.

Latest News

Radio101 interview with Pask Kacinari about
the controversial privatization of ZABA Bank
(Zagrebacka banka, Zagreb, Croatia, Hrvatska)

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Editors's Pick


* COMPLETE LIST of Founding Shareholders of Zagrebačka Banka D.D. * Latinica (HTV, May 19 2008) — Who is selling off the state's property, and how?

* Addition to the Filing to Stjepan Mesić 

* LATINICA (HTV,  May 2008) — feature: Zabaraba

*  Pašk Kačinari Officially Informs the Republic of Croatia of its Rightful Ownership of ZABA Shares

* Bizarre Case of State Stake in ZABA

* Damaged ZABA Shareholder Message to the Croatian and World Public

* Court Restores ZABA to the State of Croatia

* Nacional: Al-Qaeda Laundered $900 Million Through Croatia

* State Attorney's Office Is Protecting the Interests of Organized Bank Crime in Croatia

* Pašk Kačinari  Files  Complaint to the  Department of Crime Problems of the  Council of Europe

* Croatian prime minister, Dr. Ivo Sanader, Orders Return of ZABA to State Ownership