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Dear Sir/Madam


According to the power of attorney given to me by my client, Mr. Pask Kacinari from Zagreb, Croatia, 9 Frankopanska street, I would like to present you the following documents about the frauds related with the largest Croatian Bank - "ZAGREBACKA BANKA", and the EU financial institutions what were involved to cover up the frauds ("UNICREDITOITALIANO", "ALLIANZ", "BANKAUSTRIA");

·        my client's report to the International rating agency "WORLD CHECK" on the falsified balanced books of the bank (Challenging ZABA's Balance Books), In this report you will find the detailed description about the frauds, including the falsified balance book what includes the real estates registered in the balance book as the propriety of the Bank, what real estates are not registered as the bank-owned in the land register, as well as the proofs about the falsified shareholders register. After all, my client is litigating the bank on the basis of the confiscation of his shares. He became shareholder of the bank in the 1990., but, during the following war (he was an ethnic minority; un ethnic Albanian, born in Kosovo in Zagreb, Croatia), his ownership of the shares was written off. For more information on his case, please visit: (EVIDENCE SUPPORTING PASK KACINARI'S CLAIM ),

·        the Complaint of my Client (represented by his USA attorney) to the Department of Crime Problems, Directorate General of Legal Affairs, Council of Europe (Pašk Kačinari Files Complaint to the Department of Crime Problems, Directorate General of Legal Affairs, Council of Europe),

·        the legal action of my Client (represented by his Serbian attorney) to the Government of Serbia, concerning the rights of the Republic of Serbia to the shares of the Bank (Pask Kacinari's Lawsuit Concering the Existence of the Rights of the Republic of Serbia to Shares of ZABA).


So, these documents prove that mentioned European financial institutions act as the nominal owner of the Croatian Bank, and in fact they are not the owners at all, and that these institutions registered ownership of the bank what has falsified Balance book.


These facts prove the existence of the fraud and other serious irregularities which have impact on the EU budget, as well as the serious misconduct on the part of members or staff of European institutions.



All the reports, as well as hundreds of documents in PDF format you can find on  my Clients web page www.zabaraba.com.


For all the information please contact my office in Zagreb;

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