Pask KacinariHello,

My name is Pask Kacinari. I am a jeweller from Zagreb, Croatia, and one of the legal shareholders of the STOLEN "Zagrebacka banka" bank, more popularly known as "ZABA." I have decided to put up this website for the simple reason that I don't want those who have brazenly taken my shares and my deposit, along with those belonging to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of others, to get away with it. I don't want the former Communist warlords of Croatia, who currently have their hands on "ZABA," to think that they can just bury or obstruct the lawsuit I have initiated in Croatian courts - in which I seek over 50 million Euros in compensation, back dividends, damages and interest - for years on end, and go on making millions and controlling people's lives with someone else's property. And I don't want the reputable Western financial corporations who have helped them, and who are now the nominal owners of "ZABA" - UNICREDITO ITALIANO S.P.A. and ALLIANZ A.G. - to think that this does not concern them. If their management does not want to listen to me - and they have kept their doors shut so far - then perhaps their shareholders will. And I want their shareholders to know that the value of their shares is now and will be compromised by UNICREDITO and ALLIANZ holdings in "ZABA." Because, during February and March, 2002, "ZABA" management sold them, or swapped with them, STOLEN shares; because "ZABA" management sold, or swapped with them, PHANTOM shares, created out of THIN AIR, without any corresponding capital increase; because "ZABA" management sold, or swapped with them, BLOODY shares - snatched from ordinary working people and ethnic minorities like myself during the war in Croatia in the 1990s; because the CROATIAN STATE, pressed by large foreign debt, must soon demand ITS OWN ownership portion back - since "ZABA," formerly majority state-owned - was, in fact, NEVER PRIVATIZED.


There is only ONE WAY for this issue to be resolved and for "ZABA" and its nominal "owners" to restore legitimacy: COMPENSATING THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS OF "ZABA" SHARES AND/OR DEPOSITS THAT HAVE BEEN STOLEN, CONFISCATED OR OTHERWISE ILLICITLY TAKEN over the previous 15 years.


I want to ensure that this website will serve to jolt those who feel untouchable ("ZABA" management), to move those whose consciences have fallen asleep (UNICREDITO and ALLIANZ managements), to alert those who may be directly affected (UNICREDITO and ALLIANZ shareholders, securities regulatory bodies in countries where the stocks of these companies are traded), to inform those whose business it is to follow financial issues (journalists, financial analysts, securities traders), and give encouragement to others who have been similarly affected and feel helpless. To the latter, my message is - LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD, let us use ALL LEGITIMATE MEANS available to achieve JUSTICE.



Zagreb, June 2005